Executive Search for Construction Technology 

It’s paramount to find new and innovative solutions to fit into this new technological age of construction.

Investment in Construction Technology (ConTech) has increased substantially in the last decade and recorded nearly $15bn in investment in the last 5 years alone. To fully capture the value that technology has to offer the industry, it is vital that organisations and technology businesses recruit the right leadership, at the right time in their growth. Whether it is robotics, SaaS platforms, Artificial Intelligence or Augmented Reality, entrepreneurial leaders and diverse teams are vital, for the success of early-stage ventures.  

 The construction sector is one of the lowest-performing sectors for productivity across the western economy. Fortunately, technology provides an opportunity that harnesses the potential to drastically improve the industries productivity and financial performance.  

ReshapingExecutive Search

Finding the best talent for your organisation can be time-consuming, extremely challenging and can be catastrophic if you get it wrong.  We work in partnership with you to understand not only the intrinsic needs within your team now, but also consider the needs for your start-up as you accelerate growth to ensure that you always have the right leaders. Through our in-depth knowledge of the construction technology, wider technology markets and the understanding for your target clients, we are able to provide a partner-led, high quality executive search experience that is tailored for your organisation and secures high-quality leadership to your business. 

We invest our time to understand your business, the organisational culture and the value proposition so that we can be your brand ambassador to prospective candidates. We assess these candidates to ensure that they not only have the right experience but bring the right values and organisational fit to elevate your business.  

 We are focused on building long-lasting relationships with our clients that go further than supporting your recruitment needs. We offer leadership advisory in all critical aspects relating to a business and our role as the trusted advisor has allowed us to grow alongside many of our amazing clients.  

More about Beaumont Bailey

Beaumont Bailey’s dynamic approach allows us to utilise our network and relationships to improve your business. We combine traditional headhunting alongside a modern, agile approach that gets the best results for our clients.  

 Our expert consultants work internationally, throughout the UK and Europe, with a focus on construction technology, IT executive search, we operate in many sectors assisting with technology executive search This means we have a variety of expertise and perspectives to support you throughout your recruitment needs.  

 If you’re looking to improve your leadership team or need support finding a Construction Technology Executive, we would love to become a long-standing partner.Get in touchwith our talent professionals today for more information.  

Roles we Recruit: 

  • Chief Executive  
  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) 
  • Chief Product Officer (CPO) 
  • Country Manager 
  • Chief People Officer (CHRO)  
  • Chairman 
  • Non-Executive Director 
  • Advisory Boards 
  • Head of Sales /Chief Revenue Officer 
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO) 
  • and many more...

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