We are Beaumont Bailey, a London executive search firm with a global reach who understands what great leadership can achieve.

Whilst leadership requirements continue to change, the demand for high-calibre executives remains a key strategic priority for all organisations. Building great leadership teams requires a rigorous, detailed and collaborative approach to assessing an individual’s ability to perform. We combine our in-depth knowledge of our specialist markets and functions with a proven search process. We take the best of the traditional executive search model and enhance this through new processes which have proven successful.

We have invested in platforms that provide transparent communication in real-time, accessible on any device. This enables you to understand precisely where the search is at any given moment and provides invaluable feedback throughout the project.

Our search approach has been honed by the team’s extensive experience working with a variety of organisations including large international corporations as well as highly specialist boutiques. Our approach to search is to be candid, collaborative and engaging which ultimately delivers our clients with the results they need.


We believe that investing significant time upfront to understand the nuances of your business is essential in guaranteeing a successful outcome. Arranging to meet in person, we shall explore the role and offer guidance on the strategies available to find the best possible talent.


Using a variety of strategies agreed in advance, including on-the-ground research, our extensive industry networks for referrals and recommendations as well as desk-based research, we build a comprehensive list of the best potential candidates.


We work with you to define a successful communication and engagement strategy, considering any sensitivities. We diligently approach, engage and evaluate candidates, leveraging the industry profiles of our consultants as well as senior level introductions to ensure access to even the most inaccessible candidates.


We employ a range of innovative assessment techniques to evaluate candidates. These include in-house and external assessment partners, behavioural interviewing, psychometric testing, team dynamic assessments and leadership success profiles amongst others.


We work closely with you to build a compelling offer for the selected candidate which balances your constraints with the needs of the candidate. This is done in line with relevant and up-to-date market data on compensation levels.


Our commitment to you does not end when we place a candidate. We remain actively involved to ensure a successful and smooth on-boarding into the business. In addition, we also offer an in-depth on-boarding assimilation programme.