Research and Strategy Consulting

Beaumont Bailey’s bespoke research and consulting projects provide comprehensive intelligence that enables business to understand and interpret the make-up and structure of talent across a particular industry, function and/or geography.

Often a precursor to an executive search process, research projects can take many forms, providing clients with a bird’s eye view of both local and global talent pools, assessing active and passive talent, benchmarking salary levels, assessing locations for market entry or expanding succession pipelines.

The research findings enable informed, intelligence-based decision-making based on a variety of key data points and insights including skills and experience, candidate availability, salary data, market feedback and geographical considerations.

We support the following sectors:

And many more.

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Market Entry

A business considering international expansion may use market mapping to assess the availability, capability and cost of talent in a range of locations. Using this intelligence to inform the final decision.

New Role

A business considering the creation of a new role may wish to be guided by the capability of available talent when devising the assignment brief.

Succession Planning

A company may use market mapping to enhance their succession planning prospects, expanding potential successors beyond internal talent pools.

Talent Benchmarking

Market mapping enables businesses to make evidenced-based decisions on whether they have the right talent in the right place.